The New Apple iPhone 6

Now that Apple has finally launched iPhone 6, what will happen to the market of great iPhone 5?

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Of course the market size will reduce. More accessories will be available for iPhone 6 than iPhone 5. A lot of iPhone 5 users are still reluctant to go for iPhone 6. Although there will be sellers like PhonePartsUSA who will still be carrying iPhone 5S replacement parts. But for how long? No one is really sure of that.


Maybe they want to see if there are any bugs or not. They want to play with it first before buying. Pre-ordering iPhone 6 is a good option but you cannot use it plus the wait time is usually in weeks.

Can you wait?

It depends on your preference. In my opinion, it’s a good option to go the Apple store, use it and then buy it. That way, you will be able to see if (for you) it is worth spending a small fortune. You can also compare it with your current iPhone 5.

Of course, the new iPhone 6 will WIN. Design, screen size and extra (unique) features will KILL anyone who dares to be a competitor of iPhone 6 as of yet. But there will be direct rivals who will challenge iPhone 6.

But like always.

iPhone WILL WIN!



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